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1st Choice Construction

  Genuine Value                                                        Diversified
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The general contracting company with a defined set of values that foster a true sense of care and a commitment to only the finest craftsmanship. A complete desire to build based on old-fashioned principles like respect and integrity with a true sense of obligation .
Primarily a small business owner with very personable service. One who understands the values our clients deserve. With very creative building solutions and time honored craftsmanship skills, 1st Choice Construction is your  contracting solution.
¨ No intentions of production building but every intention of becoming the best value for your project.
¨ A true commitment to finding and nurturing joint venture partners.
¨ Creative and reasonable from design to final delivery.
¨ We also offer program management for your small project.
We work close with our clients to find the best format for their project. At the same time, we work hard in the bid arena to keep our pencils and relationships sharp.
“No job is so important, nor is service so urgent, that we cannot take the time to perform safely”
Yearly safety meetings attended that cover safe work environment. 
A few topics covered by attending MIOSHA Safety Courses:
Scaffolding Safety                   Ladder Safety             Electrical Safety         Clothing Protection
Tool Safety                                Fall Protection           Lifting Limits             Others...                       
Mission & Philosophy
Truth                                          Integrity                                    Respect                                     Passion 
Old-fashioned words and many old-fashioned concepts that are at the core of our philosophy. Interestingly, though, they are the very basis our clients and partners appreciate us the most. 
“Our Mission is to provide high quality construction in a manner that our customers generate our business - by recommendations.”


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